Hose made by helically winding a pre-formed metal strip into a fully interlocked profile. The hose gets its flexibility and suppleness from the sliding of metal components within the interlock section. A series of flats are built into the hose wall to give the hose anti-torsion properties.

Polylock will not unwind when cut, so eliminating the need to tack weld the hose before cutting to length.

Ideal hose for conveyance of exhaust gas from vehicle engines, and for light duty materials handling applications.

Whilst this hose cannot be expected to retain gas or materials under pressure, it can generally be used for pressures up to 1 bar (100 kpa) where the discharge end of the hose is open ended. We recommend the use of wide band sealing clamps for POLYLOCK hose, as sealing of ends can be a problem if standard U-bolt type clamps are used.

Manufactured to the specifications where applicable of ISO 15465 Type DOU.

Nominal Bore
32 - 152mm

Material Types
Galvanlised Steel
AISI 304

Bend Radius
165 - 610 mm

Galv.- up to 350C
AISI 304 - up to 750C