A corrugated flexible metallic hose with standard pitch annular corrugations, hydroformed from butt welded precision tube. The depth and shape of the corrugations provides good flexibility and cycle life.

One or two layers of close weave metallic wire braid applied at the optimum angle is added to the outside of the hose to enhance the pressure capability of the hose.

The hydroforming with water as the forming medium enables the corrugation to be formed from thicker material and and allows for the preferable deeper corrugations. This method of forming is also less stressful on the material assisting in a longer service life.

PARCOR is ideal for the conveyance of liquids and gases in a wide range of temperatures from cryogenic -200C to over +500C, however note as the temperature rises the pressure capability rating of the hose reduces.

The hose can be used for simple conveying of product, in-plant applications to correct pipework mis-alignment or with moving machinery and equipment. The hose being manufactured usually from stainless steel is suitable for a wide range of chemicals in corrosive situations.

In addition, the U-shape of the corrugations gives the hose a self draining feature, of particular interest in the food, plastics and bitumen industries requiring regular hose cleaning.

Manufactured to the specifications where applicable of ISO 10380 Type 1.

Nominal Bore
12 - 300mm

Material Types
AISI 304, AISI 316/L

Nominal Pressure
0.2 - 130 Bars

Burst Pressure
20 - 520 Bars