RADCOFLEX & the Gas Industry

RADCOFLEX has a proud history of supplying the gas industry with products used in its gas mining, extraction, production, distribution and end use activities. From humble beginnings nearly 60 years ago, RADCOFLEX has grown into an international company, servicing customers in many parts of the world.

We have achieved this by being innovative and accepting and solving the many challenges we face with a positive can do attitude. We also believe that product quality and service is paramount. We have been fortunate over the years to have a loyal, dedicated and experienced staff willing to work closely with our customers, helping them identify their system needs and supplying a product that provides cost effective solutions.

Flexible Metal Hoses

Used in the conveying of a variety of gases including exhaust gas, refrigerant gas, oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), cryogenics and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in a range of temperatures from -200C to +600C, subject to the materials of the end fittings attached. These hoses can be used with road and rail tankers, in-plant connections, tank farms, gas distribution, industrial air conditioning, coal seam gas mining well heads, seismic joints and combi lance gas hoses in smelting operations. Metal hose is also ideal as an external mechanical protection and/or flow liner for other hoses.

The hoses being manufactured from SS304 or SS316 stainless steel are impervious to natural ageing and are ideal for applications where wide temperature ranges are required, higher pressures are involved and/or corrosive or abrasive environments are present.

RADCOFLEX manufactures a wide range of high quality stainless steel corrugated, wire braiding and stripwound metal hoses and assemblies in a bore size range from 5mm to 355mm. Special heavy wall braided corrugated hoses can handle working pressures of up to 220 bars subject to the hose diameter required. An extensive variety of end connections including flanges, threaded fittings, pipe and tube ends, and quick release couplings can be welded to the hoses to form custom made assemblies.

Where required by the application involved, our hoses are internally cleaned to IGC guidelines, tested and certified, tagged for service, capped and seal packaged.

Non Metallic Hose

Used in the conveying of a variety of gases including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquid nitrogen and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in a range of temperatures from -200C to +50C. These hoses can be used with road and rail tankers, in-plant applications, tank farms, cryogenics, gas distribution, and ship-to-shore bulk handling. Composite hoses provide a light-weight, more flexible hose alternative to rubber hose.

RADCOFLEX manufactures composite hoses for gas handling in diameters up to 250mm from a range of materials such as polypropylene, polyester and polyamide, depending upon the hose application, reinforced with helixes of SS316 stainless steel wire.

RADCOFLEX offers two main hoses for both onshore and offshore use TRANSGAS for higher working pressures up to 25 bars and a temperature range of 50C to +50C, typically used with LPG and CRYOGAS for working pressures up to 13 bars and a temperature range of -200C to + 50C, typically used with LNG.

Our composite hose assemblies are fitted with a range of end connections including fixed and/or swivel flanges, threaded ends and pipe weld ends. Assemblies can be rope lagged to provide external protection and insulation for the hose. Each assembly is hydrostatically tested and certified.

Expansion Joints

Used primarily in gas production plants and tank farms as part of the piping system to assist with solutions for pipework movement resulting generally from expansion, contraction, seismic activity, misalignments, vibration, heat and pressure stresses.

RADCOFLEX manufactures custom-engineered expansion joints in a range of metal and fabric materials with a proven track record for providing a long service life and reducing plant downtime and maintenance costs. These expansion joints can be fitted with movement control devices to assist with pipework reliability.

Our Metal Expansion Joints can be manufactured in circular or rectangular shapes fitted with flanges or pipe weld ends, in materials from austenitic stainless steels through to the high nickel alloys, with typical uses in high temperature and corrosive atmosphere applications.

RADCOFLEX Fabric Expansion Joints are manufactured from the latest fluoropolymer based heat sealable materials with typical uses in flue gas ducting systems. These materials combined with insulation layers as necessary can provide joints with temperature ratings up to 1000C.