RADCOFLEX & the Bitumen Industry

RADCOFLEX has a proud history of supplying the bitumen and road making industry with products used in its operational activities. From humble beginnings nearly 60 years ago, we have grown into an international company servicing customers in many parts of the world.

We have achieved this by being innovative and accepting and solving the many challenges we face with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. We also believe that product quality and service is paramount. We have been fortunate over the years to have a loyal, dedicated and experienced staff willing to work closely with our customers, helping them identify their system needs and supplying a product that provides cost effective solutions.

Our products are used in conjunction with the storage of bitumen, its distribution and in the laying of asphalt for roads, driveways and carparks.

Industry Safety

The bitumen industry requires a high level of safety for its operators and appliances. The RADCOFLEX products used in the bitumen industry have been tested for their suction and pressure capabilities, of both the core product and each assembly supplied.

The materials used have been selected to provide a product suitable for high temperatures, the specific application and the safety of the operator. The metal flexible hoses can be cleaned out after use without damaging the structure of the hose.

Flexible Metal Hoses

Used in the conveying of bitumen and asphalt products as suction and delivery hoses with road and rail tankers, as the link between the tanker and the spray bar, in the laying of bitumen on-site, as vibration absorbing pump connectors on road making equipment and in tank farms and for general applications where higher temperature and pressures are involved and/or corrosive or abrasive environments are present.

RADCOFLEX manufactures a wide range of high quality stainless steel corrugated, wire braiding and stripwound metal hoses and assemblies in a bore size range from 5mm to 355mm. An extensive range of end connection fittings including AS 2475, BSP and NPT threaded fittings, flanges, and pipe ends can be attached to the hoses to form custom made assemblies. These hose assemblies can be covered with galvanised or stainless steel spring-guard or a spiral PVC strap to protect the hose from impacts and abrasion.

RADCOFLEX has specially developed BITUCOR, a stainless steel braided corrugated hose assembly for bitumen dispensing applications, incorporating a high temperature insulation layer for enhanced operator safety.

Non Metallic Hose

Used in the conveying of bitumen and asphalt products as suction and delivery hoses with road and rail tankers and in the laying of bitumen on-site. Typical applications include bitumen dispensing spray bar hoses and hand held wand hoses for crack filling and bitumen dispensing equipment. Composite hoses can provide a light-weight, more flexible hose alternative to rubber hose.

RADCOFLEX manufactures composite hoses in diameters up to 250mm from a range of materials such as polypropylene, polyester, insulation and polyamide depending upon the hose application, reinforced with a wire helixes of galvanised and/or stainless steel.

Our composite hose assemblies are fitted with a range of end connections, typically threaded ends to which adaptors can be screwed, and flanges. These fittings can be wire whipped or swaged attached. Care is taken that both the inner and outer wires of the hose are positively connected to the end connections for electrical continuity.

Expansion Joints

Used primarily in refineries and tank farms as part of the piping system for pumping and pipework movement solutions resulting generally from expansion, contraction, tank settlement, seismic movements, offset movements, vibration, heat and pressure stresses.

RADCOFLEX manufactures custom-engineered metal expansion joints in sizes from 50mm to 3000mm nominal bores with a proven track record for providing a long service life and reducing plant downtime and maintenance costs. These expansion joints are generally manufactured from austenitic stainless steel or other high-nickel alloys with typical uses in high temperature and corrosive applications. The joints can be fitted with flanges or pipe weld ends and movement control devices to assist with pipework reliability.